Open For Clients Currently

Open For Clients Currently

For Real Estate Agents, Brokers, And Team Leaders Looking to Skyrocket Their Listings...

Solve Your Real Estate Listing Acquisition FOR GOOD Using Our YouTube Ads 'Market Leader' System

(Even When The Economy is A Total SH*T SHOW)

Ready to Scale Beyond 6 & 7-Figures in Annual GCI?

Kim S.

Solo Agent @ RE/MAX Prime Properties

Kim S.

Solo Agent @ RE/MAX Prime Properties

“I attracted multiple over a million dollar listing opportunities to my pipeline in 90 days, including a $3.8M opportunity…”

What Kim has to say after working with us.


Use to Build Your Listing Acquisition Machine...

YouTube Ads Listing Attraction

At the top end, we’ll start by using YouTube Ads Listing Acquisition and making you a local celebrity. We’ll write, edit, and produce all your YouTube Ads for you, and coach you on exactly how to film the YouTube Ads even if all you have is an iPhone.

Then we’ll set up and launch all your campaigns for you, we’ll handle tracking, conversion, targeting, and launch them so you can have a consistent and predictable flow of qualified listing opportunities.

Value-Driven Acquisition Framework

If you’ve tried online leads you might’ve been dealing with a bunch of leads who don’t pick up the phone or give you incorrect information – it’s making you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting your time with low-quality leads.

That's why we'll help you redesign your client acquisition process by implementing our value-driven listing acquisition model. The framework will make clients flock to you and increase your lead to listing appointment conversion because of the value we’re providing to the local homeowners.

Systemizing Lead Conversion & Sales Process

We’ll also help you systemize your entire lead conversion and sales process. Why you might be asking? The biggest problem we see among real estate agents is that most of the time they have little to no real system in place specifically for converting online leads into listings and closings.

Firing Yourself & Scaling Beyond 6 Figures

Once we’ve built the foundation, and cash flow is coming in, this is where we’ll begin to think about hiring appointment setters and team members for your business so that you don’t have to take all the calls and appointments yourself anymore.

That way, you can start working on your business, instead of in the business.


See What Our Clients Say

Kim S.

Solo Agent @ RE/MAX Prime Properties

"Super excited about this one. Bringing my A game to this in-person meeting 100%"

- Kim on acquiring $3.8M, $2.5M, and $1.5M listing opportunities within 3 months which are the highest she's ever gotten in her career.

Frank C.

Solo Agent @ Keller Williams Elite

"I'm actually meeting up again with Richard today, he's a very hot lead and we're going to list his home!!!"

- Frank on booking 6 phone consultations and 3 listing appointments within 3 weeks and attracting motivated & 'ready-to-list' sellers.

AS SEEN ON: in Numbers

Being highly streamlined is the key to minimize friction and maximize operational efficiency.


Gross Commission Income Generated.


In YouTube Ad Spend.


Proven Methodology.


In Gross Commission Income Generated.


In YouTube Ad Spend.


Proven Methodology.


Who Is This For?...

You, if you’re struggling with having a consistent flow of opportunities...

You, if you feel like your business is a constant rollercoaster...

You, if you’re fed up with burning and wasting money, time & effort into new business opportunities while being afraid you’ll never fill your potential...

You, if you’re tired of seeing other agents succeeding and earning 2-10x more every month...

You, if you’re ready to be the Superstar Entrepreneur you were born to be...

Either way, you are looking to live on your terms and have a streamlined business with a consistent appointment & deal flow.

So, if that resonates with you…

You should book a call with me & my team to see if we can implement the exact system into your own business

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